Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Brilliant and Chilling Poem, from Deborah on the Bayside

The poster Deborah on the Bayside wrote a wonderful--and jolting--poem about the nature of our radical new President. It's a vision of deep foreboding, reminiscent of William Butler Yeats' masterpiece "The Second Coming." Deborah, if you don't write poetry for a living, you've missed your calling!

An Ode to Miss Sonia and Change

Obama and Osama - born worlds apart
Who exacts the greater damage --
From outside, or deep within our heart?

One smudges the alabaster's gleam
for his cause to bolster.
The other has a barrister
Double barreled in his holster.

One sends his minions onward
against the vile Great Satan.
The other appoints Miss Sonya
to brace our law and nation.

In one mouth are philippics
that would bury our institutions,
And from the other comes the word
that will bury our constitution.

Yes, Osama and Obama -- born worlds apart.
Yet how different really are their goals?
It's in method they depart.


  1. Apropos, no doubt about it.

  2. Yes indeed Farmer, it's worrisome too. One is the "worm that eats the apple from within."

  3. Great ode to our desperate peril. The fears I had with Obama's election have been borne out. Radicals are in control and the damage will be massive. I am beyond worried, I am scared to death.

  4. Well written and true. Incredible how few people notice that the enemy of worldwide sharia and worldwide socialism are one and the same.


  5. You and I both Fairest. If something doesn't stop the damage Obie and the boys are doing, it'll be a 30 year problem if we CAN fix it!

    VERY well said Paul! Profound indeed sir.

  6. MAn, she's MY GIRLFRIEND and she writes poetry for YOUR SITE? I'll be calling ol' Deborah in a few minutes and giving her some grief on THIS one! She didn't even mention it to me....thought it would SLIIIIDE right by!!?

    GOOD one...Deborah. Just don't SPEAK TO ME again! (Smile) ('s TERRIFIC!!)

  7. She's good too Z! If you talk to her, tell her I said so.