Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's Obama After?

Conservative columnist for the Florida Times Union, Phil Fretz, wrote an interesting opinion filled with little-known facts that somehow have escaped 98% of the "mainstream media." This information may be familiar to you conservative and libertarian bloggers out there, but believe me, you WON'T find it on the alphabet networks!

I've copied a small portion of Phil's opinion piece (with his permission of course). After reading this, ask yourself the seemingly ominous question: What's Obama after? WHAT is the upshot to this outrageous behavior? I'd love to hear your opinions about Obama's intentions and I plan to follow up in short order with my own thoughts about our new President's long-term goals in light of this fiscal madness. Enjoy.

Phil Fretz on Obscene Debt

The federal budget deficit will be $1.84 trillion this year. That's about four times the record set just last year, The Associated Press says.

For every dollar that it spends, the government will borrow 46 cents.
Deficits will never fall below $500 billion any year between 2010 and 2019 - and the cumulative total will be $7.1 trillion.

That's deficits - the amount borrowed, and billed to our children and grandchildren, to pay for today's excesses.

If we don't go on this government spending spree, it has been argued, the recession might last another 10 years.

History suggests otherwise.

But even if it were true, how can we, in good conscience, do this? Why not bear the burden ourselves, instead of shifting it to future generations?

Debt service alone will impoverish just about everybody but the ultra-rich in the future - or gobble up money needed to provide legitimate government services.


  1. It is simple and one word....power. With that he can or those after him, do as they please,no courts,not legislators. Just the president. It is the same thing FDR was after back in the 1930's. It was the same thing Theodor Roosevelt was after in 1901,and Woodrow Willson in 1916 was after. Power,pure ans simple.

  2. Scalawag you're absolutely right. That's a big part of my follow-up opinion. :-) You know what they say about great minds?

    They too end up 6 feet under! Thanks for taking a peek and don't be a stranger.

  3. Beamish thank you for that FANTASTIC three minute video! I'm going to pass that one around.

  4. Obama wants a weaker America and a stronger national government.

  5. I totally agree with your assessment RK. He doesn't like America as it's currently arranged.

  6. HE'S the guy chasing Hillary! That settles the question for my NEXT blog entry. LOL! Can Obie whip Huma Abedin? :-)

  7. Good news at my place, Morgan! Dancin' news!

    Great post....obama hates America.......why would he want us strong? this racist, colonialist, unfair, immigrant-hating, capitalist pig world power deserves what it gets, right? (I swear, I think that's his underlying psyche, mean of me to say so, but..)

  8. "mean"? Nah. I'll take honest any day Z. I'm coming over!

  9. Jingoist - Great post and great blog, I just found you from Bluepitbull and like what I see, I am 'following' you now, care to do the same? Anyway the debt level of which you speak is something that future generations will never be able to get out of. It will essentially burden them with tax rates and a confiscation level of their income that no American has ever experienced. And like you say here, not a peep in the media on this....keep up the great work here!

  10. Thanks leftcoast for coming by! Not only will the tax rate go up, but so will inflation, which happens to be one of the CRUELEST of all taxes.

    I'm coming over to check you out.

  11. Deborah on the BaysideMay 20, 2009 at 10:26 PM

    Like Roosevelt - playing on envy and greed. When Treasury Secretary Morgenthau testified before congress in 1939 he said "we are spending more money than we have ever spent before and it does not work. ...I say that after 8 years of this administration we have just as much unemployment and an enormous debt to boot."

    They thought WW2 got them out of the Depression and the "great" minds were terrified the end of the war and its spending would leave us back there. But market forces quietly on the move by war's end turned the tide -- NEVER the spending.

    INTENTIONS: Unless Obama lives in a total bubble he knows this. But it's his BIG chance to load up on government funding for his Pol Pals, their supporters and political machines.

    He's taking a mortgage on our grandchildren to nationalize more than banks and Detroit - he's nationalizing the vile Chicago political machine.

  12. Thank you Deborah for that thoughtful response, you need a radio show! I also think you're right about Obie that Obie is aware that his out-of-control spending can't fix the problem. Ignorance about FDR's economic failure is rampant.

    Tonight I plan on writing the follow-up, thanks again!

  13. Hi Morgan;

    Great column, thank you for posting this and the link to the entire piece. I think the Obama Administration and its fast-moving implementation of socialist policies is much, much bigger than the new President. This is an orchestrated machine which had detailed plans in place, step-by-step "to do" lists, if you will, ready to go the minute Obama was sworn into office.

    We were recently shut out of bidding on military aviation maintenance contracts by an Executive Order signed by President Obama on 30 January 2009, just 10 days after he assumed office. The order protects current employees, all unionized aviation maintenance workers, employed by companies that won the previous federal contract bids. The order states that the new bid winners must retain the unionized workers, at their federally-set wages & benefits.

    Our company is a non-union, private small business. Because of this executive order, we are effectively shut out of the bidding process. We'd have to become a union shop because hiring 5 union workers to work with our 14 non-union mechanics... not possible.

    The new Administration had to have this plan ready to go before he assumed office. It happened too fast and was too detailed. Obama intends to shut out any non-unionized, privately-owned small businesses from being able to bid on federal contracts. We'll just be punitively taxed to pay for those contracts awarded to union workers.

    I wonder how many other Executive Orders have been signed like this one. How can it be legal to do this? I thought these Executive Orders were supposed to be used for national security issues and emergencies.

    We're in serious trouble with this group and it's not just Obama, it's the organization behind him running the show. Absolutely astounding.

    Congratulations on the new blog, Morgan!

    Best regards, Pat

  14. Pat thanks for coming by! It's so good to see you because no blog is complete without your uncommon common sense. I'm sorry (and angered) to hear about what happened to your aviation business. Sadly I can't say that it surprises me.
    In one way or another I'd like to include your post in my upcoming blog entry on this topic, if you don't mind?

    Good to see you Pat!

  15. By all means, Morgan, please feel free to blog away. The executive order is a direct shot at small businesses. It says to us that we have no right to any portion of the tax dollars spent in the marketplace. We are to pay the taxes which fund them. But we are not entitled to compete for government contracts unless we're unionized. There are very few, if any, small businesses which have a unionized workforce. It's simply further proof that these folks of the Obama Administration have no regard or respect for the hardworking, self-reliant, independent, productive Americam small business men and women. How sad, when so many of us work for or own a small business.

    BTW, this executive order is not exclusive to federal and military aviation maintenance contracts. I believe it applies to all government contract bids.

    Don't worry about us, we just pursuing another avenue to expand and diversify. We will perservere, although we've cut our employees in half in this economy. We've gone from 40 to 20 employees. Not fun to lay folks off at all. Pat