Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dick Cheney, American Patriot!!

President Obama is doing DOZENS of insanely stupid and ruinous things, and they're happening so fast that they seem simultaneous. The Republican Party is in such disarray that meaningful opposition to this "Obaminsanity" has yet to be mounted.

Enter Dick Cheney....

The very fact that the left has a foaming-at-the-mouth hatred for Dick Cheney tells you that they are afraid of him. They hate him as much as they hate former President Bush, Blackwater, Haliburton, or free markets! That's mighty diabolical company to be in as far as the left is concerned. Former Vice President Cheney has been speaking out recently and setting the record straight on the terrorist threat we face as a nation. He's telling the truth and the left is apoplectic.

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Barack Obama wants to close Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and bring the terrorists to the U.S. for criminal trials or free them outright, depending on the particular case. Dick Cheney obliterated that idiocy in his speech to the American Enterprise Institute! I've always maintained the the WORST enemy of those on the left is the TRUTH. Now you know why they hate Dick Cheney.


  1. Watch that dismissive, nasty bit of insults to the Bush administration from a sitting president (what is WITH that man? WHEN will he realize he has to get out of campaign mode? He just can't bring himself to!) and then watch Cheney's speech.
    I'm thinking even SOME thinking libs are wishing adults were back in the WH. The idea that this dope obama can TALK like that....including his inferences about fear motivating our actions after 9/11(uh..YA!) as if it shouldn't have? How can we take much more of him and stay SAFE?
    Thank GOD for Dick Cheney.

  2. Z, our new Presbo still has a chip on his shoulder. Did you watch his incredibly defensive speech? Even as he said that he understood that others had different opinions on national defense he had facial ticks that betrayed his aggravation. He's not as good as Clinton at hiding his anger. As for Obie ever having grace and dignity where his predecessors are concerned...not in this lifetime!

    He's a ghetto commie, whom we've unfortunately elected. Campaign mode will NEVER go away with him. Read Saul Alinsky.

  3. They do seem to be completely frightened of him. Not just him, though. Why are they attacking tea parties, Rush, Palin, Bush, Hannity, Beck, Prejean, and anyone else with a differing opinion.

    Keep blogging, I just listened to someone last night foaming at the mouth over web 2.0 and the fact that the media should be the only ones with access to opinion.

  4. "Why are they attacking tea parties, Rush, Palin, Bush, Hannity, Beck, Prejean, and anyone else with a differing opinion."

    They're afraid of conservatism. It WORKS, and they KNOW IT! Conservatism is one with Natural Law. The leftist worldview doesn't fare well under scrutiny, which is why they try to control free speech.

  5. The (D) after their names now stands for (D)emogogue.

  6. I watched Dick Cheney's speech yesterday, and some of Obama's beginning. He lost me with his stories about his parents, blah, blah, blah. He looked furious to me. You could see the resentment on his face, having his authority challenged by his own Democratic Congress. Amazing..., he must be thinking that he now knows what President Bush was put through. It ain't so great to be on the receiving end, is it, Bammy-baby?

    It also rankled that Obama chose to make this speech in front of the very Constitution he's bulldozing over on an hourly basis. How dare he set one toe inside that august building? His speech made no sense, according the pundits.

    VP Cheney has nothing to lose by speaking out and this country is in serious danger. Cheney is sounding the alarm because he knows the truth. He's still performing his duty as an American. God bless him! Pat

  7. FJ so you're ruling out body parts? :-)

    FW, Dick Cheney is IMHO the smartest and most eloquent conservative on the national scene! The genes run deep too. Have you seen his daughter Liz out there OBLITERATING leftists? It's quite a treat.

  8. I'm surprised Cheney's speech was so widely covered by the MSM, aren't you? Liz Cheney is terrific and she's as calm as her father, very credible. Dick Cheney showed Obama up for the treasonous stooge that he is. I hope VP Cheney keeps this going.

    BTW-I sent you an email today with the executive orders I was telling you about. Did you receive it? Pat

  9. Pat I received the e-mail and the links, thanks. I know how that must effect your aircraft business. Too many are quick to say, "but it's only for government contracts." FOR NOW! Gove Obie an inch of grass and he peels up the football field. Smart governors are shoring up the states rights arguments and laws as we write.

    In my 9 years in business I've STUDIOUSLY avoided any and all government work, for a whole host of reasons. Mainly I guess I don't want to be forced to hire a hairlipped lesbian from the Asian-Pacific Islands with a permanent limp so that my company has the desired "diversity" for government contracts. I wonder if I missed any of those boxes that need to be checked off? G-d help us.

  10. FJ so you're ruling out body parts?Hmmm...not ALL of them.

    The problem I have with Cheney is that he needed to start defending Bush policies EIGHT YEARS AGO (THAT is the VP's J-O-B), he's coming to the argument 2,000 days and $1B in liberal propaganda dollars LATE.

  11. Jingo, did you hear Mike Farrell (MASH) whining that middle America "only gets to hear YOU, Sean, and Rush.."
    In other words: they're brainwashed and stupid because they don't have the curiosity to listen to anybody else and, wonder of wonders, they apparently don't get the networks and cables like MSNBC and CNN? The attitude of the left is astonishing. "Ya, you've got EVERY venue but FOX and most talk shows but you whine that some Americans aren't brainwashed"? Amazing.
    In California, we were told the populace was CONFUSED for having voted down the state measures the left was frothing at the mouth for. CONFUSED, because WE DON'T AGREE WITH THEM.
    Cheney's popularity's gone up 8 points since he started talking out. That says a LOT.
    And, no, obama isn't at all as good as hiding the anger as Clinton tried to do.....I don't think obama CARES to cover the anger:HE IS RIGHT and WE have to just GET USED TO IT. I think he's quite a spoiled little man.

  12. Morgan, we were contacted by a primary bidder, an enormous aircraft manufacturer & government military contractor to be a subcontractor for our local military aircraft. They wanted to sub out certain portions of the maintenance to our shop because we specialized in complex jet engine maintenance. After we submitted a bunch of documents, we drove to Patuxent River Naval Air Base to meet with them and it was there we were all informed that we were not eligible to be a subcontractor because we are not unionized.

    It matters not that we have health benefits, sick pay, vacation, profit sharing & the high wage scale required by the government. We also have the right mixture of minorities and women, etc. We are also a veteran owned business, as my husband served in the USAF during Vietnam. We qualified for government contracts without having to alter our current employee structure or jump through all the hoops you described, BEFORE asshole Obama signed that Executive Order. Only 12% of the American workforce is unionized. This forces more shops to become unionized in order to compete. What's fair about this bidding process? I am so pissed about this. Maybe the 88% of non-union workers and business should stop paying taxes if we're ineligible to bid on federal contracts.

  13. z, speaking of Farrel's character, could there be a BIGGER difference between that little commie Farrell, and the other guy who played that character? Free marketeer Wayne Rogers is a regular on Cavuto and is more of a libertarian.

    Oh in case I forget, GOOD FOR YOU GOLDENSTATERS !!! Now watch your Supreme Court void the results...

    FW thanks for sharing your story. These tactics are un-American and infuriating in the extreme. I still haven't written the follow-up to "What's Obama After" (work's been insane) but when I do, your story will play a central role. Thanks for sharing it. A had some of the same problems as a civilian in Puerto Rico in 1996 and 97, long story.

  14. I think of this war of words between Cheney and BHO as a sort of policy debate.

    Clearly, Cheney marshaled the evidence for his case. BHO, on the other hand, speaks in platitudes and generalities.

    I wish that every American voter would objectively view the two videos and use some logical thinking to see who has presented the evidence.

  15. AOW their argument goes something like this:
    "places like Gitmo are recruitng tools for terrorists."

    Maybe, SO WHAT! I'm guessing the Nazis and Japs got highly pissed when we started fighting back. They were hitting us regular before Gitmo, and haven't succeeded since. These people are damned dangerous children, and they're in charge.