Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Answer To a Carbon Scold.

A while ago I was scolded by an enviro-radical on another website. I had mentioned that the "green" agenda had some of the hallmarks of a fascist movement and that I was beginning to tire of the constant pestering that the greenies engage in on a regular basis.

Boy oh boy did I ever open up a can of leftist whoopass and righteous indignation! A poster named Ginny, who writes gardening books, let me have it with both barrels--although I seriously doubt she owns a gun. From recycling to burning less gas (I am a businessman with work trucks) she told me that my carelessness with "Mother Earth" would be my "sad legacy."

This was my reply to carbon scold Ginny:

The modern environmental movement has gone over-the-top radical. It grew out of some very well-intentioned policies and people who wanted nothing more than to keep things (emissions, waste disposal, etc.) as "clean" as possible. To any sane person that's still a laudible goal. Now it's become a religion where people will scold people based on a few ENORMOUS lies and utterly mistaken notions. The whole idea of a "carbon footprint" is laughably absurd, and it's become very dangerous as a vehicle to control people's lives. Here are a few indisputable facts that you're not going to like, but they are facts nonetheless.:

1. CO2 is NOT a pollutant! It is the gas that every animal exhales, and every plant inhales. Without it you can say goodbye to life on planet Earth. It's a trace gas at less than four parts per ten thousand, and the more of it we have, the greener the Earth becomes! That's a fact. Question, which creates more CO2? A runner on a 6 mile run, or a car on a 12 mile drive? The answer matters.

2. CO2 is a PATHETIC heat trapping gas due to it's molecular structure. In the world of global warming gases, it's as weak as they come. You could increase the "carbon loading" (banal expression) of the atmosphere twenty times over with NO appreciable temperature difference. There are in fact very effective heat trapping gases, CO2 isn't one of them.
Ginny with all due respect, this new religion you're practicing is based on some outright lies. Traditional religion also has some beliefs that many may find hard to swallow, but in the final analysis, the existence of G-d can neither be proven or disproven. The same cannot be said about the "carbon myth." It's an outright fraud. That's why I didn't take well to being scolded by you. Your beliefs in that regard are purile.

You also wrote:

"...but fascism is the wrong term, because this is not about governmental actions or political actions, but simple personal responsibilities of picking up after one's self."

I wish that were so. If the "greenies" would be content with being just another religious cult, I swear I'd contribute money to their cause! This entire fraudulent agenda is finding it's way into our pocketbooks at light speed, from carbon taxes on utilities to Mercury-laced lightbulbs. The green agenda IS government force on steroids. That's why I'm so vocal about this "movement." It's laden with fanaticism based on bad information and outright lies. It has some of the hallmarks of a fascist/cult movement. Based on your posts, I can tell that you've been blessed with an abundance of G-d given intelligence, so I have hope that you'll be able to take the facts that I've given you, and maybe be able to see the light some day. Good luck Ginny...really.


  1. Thanks ebro. This is one of the BIGGEST of the big lies going today. The problem is that it's a brilliant lie.

  2. Okay, was it the runner or the car?

  3. Farmer John it's good to see you!
    You zeroed in on the question of course. It's the runner in a runaway! Not only is he producing far more CO2, but he's also exhaling FAR more water vapor, which actually IS a very effective heat-trapping gas. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. If you want to reverse "global warming" and the rise of the average temperature on Earth, put more data sampling thermometers in the Artic.