Friday, June 5, 2009

Wanna-Be Dictator Obama to Appoint Executive Pay Czar.

From Fox News and the Wall Street Journal...

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration plans to appoint a "Special Master for Compensation" to ensure that companies receiving federal bailout funds are abiding by executive-pay guidelines, according to people familiar with the matter.

The administration is expected to name Kenneth Feinberg, who oversaw the federal government's compensation fund for victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, to act as a pay czar for the Treasury Department, these people said.

President Obama once complained in a 2001 radio interview that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is a charter of "negative" freedoms and liberties. He whined that it limits what the government can "do to you, rather than what it can do for you." It's clear that our radical new President sees the U.S. Constitution as a bump in the road to his fascistic plans.

A while ago I posed the question, what is Obama after? The answer is becoming clearer by the day. He seems to have two goals:

1. Power-no matter what form it takes. Obama seems to prefer corporate fascism. Broadly defined, he's using private money and ownership of industry, and exerting GOVERNMENT control via the bailout loans. The Obama administration has learned from Juan Peron and Benito Mussolini how to take control over private enterprise and the free market without completely killing them. Look what's happened to the banking and auto sectors. He's also empowering his union goons (allies) in every sector of government business. Regular poster Fairwitness noted:

I think the Obama Administration and its fast-moving implementation of socialist policies is much, much bigger than the new President. This is an orchestrated machine which had detailed plans in place, step-by-step "to do" lists, if you will, ready to go the minute Obama was sworn into office.

Her private aircraft business has been targeted by the administration because they aren't unionized! The Italian word "fascisti" means bundles or unions!

2. Damage-I can't shake the feeling that Obama and his henchmen are getting even with the country they view as inherently unequal; and to a leftist like Obama that means America is inherently EVIL! Witness the staggering level of debt that the left has caused in the last three months. They must know that this is generational theft, they cannot be unaware of it's consequences. I think this is a natural leftist impulse, and the only thing that normally keeps it in check is the desire to be re-elected. That's a distant third for Obama.

President Obama seems hell-bent on his course to "nationalize" everything he can, as quickly as he can, regardless of the consequences. In his wake will be tremendous damage....and that's EXACTLY what he wants!

Barack Obama Sr. and Saul Alinsky are probably doing high fives in Hell right now.


  1. Jingo, the Executive Order signed on January 30th, 2009, just 10 days after Obama was sworn in, is going to have massive reprecussions for small & big businesses alike. There are all kinds of federal contracts that were awarded to these businesses prior to Obama. When those contracts come up for bid again, can you imagine the fallout?

    We're talking about some of the largest employers in the country, most are NOT union shops. I just don't see how the President of the United States has the power to deny non-union shops the right to bid on federal contracts.

    Really, Jingo, why should these businesses pay taxes if they're not allowed to bid on contracts funded with their tax dollars? It's just that damn simple.

    Barack Obama has no right to demand that businesses unionize their workers in order to be eligible to bid on federal contracts. The power being grabbed by this administration is shocking, isnt' it? We didn't know we were electing a DICTATOR, did we?

    BTW, I work for my husband and his partner, I don't own the aviation maintenance business. Thanks for writing about this. We need to vociferously object to the outrageous policies, edicts and regulations being implemented by Obama.

  2. Is this the guy who's THIRTY-ONE years old with no experience in this type of thing?

    POWER, DAMAGE..oh, MAN, you could NOT say it better..WE ARE SO TOAST

  3. Great post. This is a very important topic and you've hit the nail on the head. I think Obama has crossed the line. He's not just a Wanna-Be Dictator anymore. He's "dictating."

  4. Fairest I abbreviated my original thoughts to keep it short and sweet. I just about blew my cork early this morning 6am est when I heard about the executive pay czar! Speaking of taxes paid to an abusive government, this WILL become expensive for these fascists, if you know what I mean... :-)

    Z, the reason I took so long writing the follow-up to "What's Obama After" is the concept of "damage." I've had this half-sick feeling for the last two months that Obie is more than happy to cause REAL damage to this country, and he wants to do it regardless of how it affects his re-election chances. Even now, part of me says. "no way, that's just a little too paranoid."

    Based on what I've seen I can't shake the suspicion that revenge is part of his aim. I've watched him speak, and boy oh boy does he have a chip on his shoulder!

    Thanks RK, I think he's crossed the line too! Will the Republicans sprout the cajones to vocally oppose him loudly? Word is that Obie's already angered "sheets" Byrd and Steny Hoyer. Maybe there's hope?

  5. great work!..but now he's too busy cozing up to Arab anti semites..ugh!

  6. Jingo, will someone please tell what a privileged Harvard law school graduate, US Senator, now President ... has to be bitter about? His belief that the wealthy became rich on the backs of the poor is so pathetic. Just because he and Michelle became rich bilking millions from the programs for the poor... Those who've succeeded have done so through hard work, smart decisions and discipline. The Obamas are the poster children for the American dream. Too bad the ingrates don't know it. Blech!

  7. Thanks WHT! I'm still not buying his "I'm a Christian" routine. I'm guessing mealtime at the Obamas get's interupted nightly by 8 minutes of Mecca-bending.

    Look, I share your sentiment Fairest, but let me give you the take of a psychologist friend/customer (conservative) who would LOVE to put Obie on his couch. He thinks Obie was thoroghly radicalized by his communist mentor Frank, who he mentioned in his book. This guy had an ENORMOUS influence on a young Obama who had, for all intents and purposes, been abandoned by his useless COMMIE parents. It's a mess, but this is who we're stuck with.

    And did you ever call it! They are ingrates!

  8. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Most have hard luck stories and unsavory influences in our childhoods. But we grew up and took responsibility for our lives and learned how to function and succeed in the real world. Obama must be some ignorant asshole to not appreciate the opportunities he's been afforded. Only an idiot would be angry at a country that just elected a mixed race man from a dysfunctional family who has an Islamic history and middle name. Obama's election is proof that this country has NONE of the character flaws and prejudices he's bitching about.

  9. FW, part of what I appreciate about your take on issues is that you think EXACTLY like I do! LOL! He's a Nihilist at heart and is going to damage that which he hates--the unfair, unjust American giant--and of course he sees himself being given the credit for doing all he can to make sure that "Bush's mess" wasn't worse. Oy!

    You are applying common sense to a radical leftist. The two don't mix...

  10. Don't you know it! I should have my head examined for using rational thought when trying to understand Obama.

    But really, Jingo. Take Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. Two pieces of crap who should be wasting their lives away inside the cells of super max federal prisons. Instead, they're millionaire, tenured college professors enjoying the good life. What the hell do they have to be pissed about? They got off scotfree, never charged, for bombing federal buildings, judge's homes and the death of a police officer(?) due to supposed illegal wiretapping technicalities.

    Reverend Jeremiah Wright, one angry asshole, too. His church is building him a 10,000 square foot, multi-million dollar home to live in. What has he got to be so mad about?

    These ungrateful imbeciles make me sick!

  11. You used PERFECT examples to make your point. And what do they all have in common? They're radical leftists. Anger is their normal state. It's all based in self-loathing and a desire to destroy those things they view as unjust. I'm guessing that Obie drops the petulance for a Lakers or Bulls game, but G-d forbid that he flips to a swim competition or a hockey game. :-)

  12. WorldNetDaily ran an article last November about an acclaimed, veteran psychiatrist, Dr. Lyle Rossiter, who wrote a book entitled, "The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness."

    Radical liberalism is a disease, I really believe it. These people have lost touch with reality. Assuming they had hold of it in the first place.

    Having Obama as President is like being married to a paranoid schizophrenic. There's just no understanding them.

  13. I think I'll have to pick up the book. It's no substitute for a good weapon and proper training, but it'll give me some insight into the mental disease suffered by these lefties. For now I'll go read the article. Thanks!

  14. Jingo, he's dissed Sarkozy and Merkel....the German press is full of how unprofessional he's been. CNN spinned it that the Germans didn't want him to go to Buchenwald (as if the holocaust is a secret anywhere but in Iran?), but the truth is an American president, or any other world leader, accepts invitations, and the invite was for BERLIN, the capital city where ALL world leaders first stop in when they're visiting a country as president.
    We read the German press so no spinning from any lefty's going to change this.
    (and, don't forget, most Germans found it even goofier than Americans did that an Am. candidate would speak in THEIR country! And they didn't feel it warranted the honor of speaking at the Brandenburg Gate so O's ticked at Germany for that, too..PAYBACK TIME< Chicago style)
    Today, he dissed the Sarkozy's, who'd politely invited the Obama's to dinner.....No excuse, just "too busy".

    It's humiliating..but the Left doesn't's all about HIM now, and HE'S in charge, and we can all just 'shut up' (a video of which I've probably got for Monday...don't miss it! Have a great weekend..xx)

  15. Z, I thought the anointed One was supposed to restore our reputation & improve our relationships with European allies. Can you imagine the Obamas issuing a dinner invitation to the Sarkozys in Washington DC and having them decline? Just shows what a Democratic machine thug Obama is, no matter where he goes. Absolutely no class, whatsoever.

  16. Deborah on the BaysideJune 6, 2009 at 9:53 PM

    Intended Consequences of the Pay Czar

    Your humble laureate is well schooled in history and economy. So buckle up and hold on tight - here comes another tsunami.

    O ye doyens of industry
    O'er your heart put a patrol.
    For you might rein in the Beltway
    When you practice self control.

    And when Leviathan's levellers come knocking
    You'd better be clean and walk it!
    Or you'll rue the day that Barry's fingers
    Came sidling in your pocket.

    You greedy people always talk
    About keeping all your money.
    But I've a higher and better plan,
    So fork it over, honey.

    So what, if you the jobs shall make
    For all the Forgotten Men.
    It's unfair. Your getting all the bucks
    Embitters me no end.

    What matters if the little guy
    Gets naught or's made a bigger debtor?
    When I take down the rich a notch,
    Then I feel better.

    Well new pardners, of you now
    I've got a piece. But hey
    The market's just a great excuse
    To do what I wanted anyway.

    It's not only just the dough that enrages me to myopia.
    It's that sweet, sweet, sweet control. Yes! I'll usher in utopia.

    ...with homage to Amity Shlaes whose beautiful Forgotten Man shines a light on the treacherous path we're on.

  17. Z, thanks for the info about what happened in Germany. I heard that Obie hammered the Germans about the camps. He did it to atone for felating the Arabs. Always remember how shabbily lefty Presidents treat our true allies. Remember Carter? If you hate America as much as Barack or Jimmah, you're their ally. FW is right, Obama is still a thug.

    Bravo Deborah! I'm going to post this one later today!

  18. It is rather ironic... the hard leftist bloggers and attackers of Bush, Jr. hammered him as a Nazi or demon yet spin around and kiss the hands and cheeks of the very person, Obama, following Italian themed Facisism to the letter as if this man is the God of us all. Opponets to Bush made rampant and wild claims which of that Republican and his cohorts would strip out the two term limitation of service, but that never came about and contrary to the spun materials against Bush many of the things claimed against him never came to fruitation such as the many "cvil liberty" violations and grave tax hikes for the middle and low classes.

    Yet now, we face prospects of greenhouse gas taxation on energy production and even possibly methane emissions, of all things, from cows and pigs and possibly per human among hiked fuel/food prices. Along with taxation without represntation, we face the build of of a highly deadly collapse once the Stimulus package is fully enforced as history has proven with Germany and every other nation to attempt, at the core, the same idea behind this one trillion dollar spending package by printing vast sums of paper money and incur debts to benefactor state which in this case is China.

    People are losing jobs, and the unemployement rate is (ironicly) being projected with a conservative number of only 10 to 11 percent nation wide. Unless fuel, food, and housing prices and taxation is decreased vastly we will face the nation's largest unemployement levels historicaly due to the idea that higher prices and taxes on people with no to little spare income is a great idea. And here I though the lessons of Jimmy Carter were learned, yet I guess most Democrats still live in a wetdream denial state over the flaws of his adminstration. High prices, high taxation, four generations of parasital welfare abuse and a corrupt Union network... these all echo back to the colonial abuses that American Colonies were exposed to yet sadly in this modern day and age we as a people are fractured and scattered to stand against this modern day monarchal abuse.