Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Congratulations "Insurgent Republicans" !!

It's no exaggeration to say that we have a country to save, and last night was an amazing start! A few weeks back I heard CNN describe Marco Rubio and Rick Scott as "Insurgent Republicans" five minutes after describing Taliban terrorists as "insurgent forces." That tells you what leftists think of us conservatives!

"Insurgent Republicans" Rick Scott (Florida) and Joe Miller (Alaska) highlighted a primary election night that should serve as a full-throated wakeup call for an establishment-controlled Republican Party that takes conservatives and conservative libertarians for granted.

A word of advice for the formerly comfortable Republican Establishment:


Your power exists for the purpose of protecting the God-given rights of the American people.

Don't let that chair get too comfortable, especially if you forget why you were elected...

I've never been prouder to be a part of the Tea Party!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Here's Hope and Change That I Can Embrace!

After draining the cesspool of Democrat corruption and filth in Washington DC, the American people will have three more tasks that are crucial to saving our country:

1. Dismantle Obama's fascist machine. Everything the Dem fascists have enacted MUST be repealed.

2. Ground the 3rd rail of national politics. Eliminate or drastically alter $ocial $ecurity. Ponzi Schemes shouldn't survive and thrive on money stolen from those under 55 years old. I'm not holding my breath here because I've RARELY seen a politician with enough political courage to take on this national Ponzi scheme.

3. Dismantle all public sector unions. They are utterly destroying the solvency of states and municipalities all across America, and they have NO RIGHT to organize against the taxpayer!

America will be hard-pressed to survive the economic IDIOCY of the Obama Administration...JINGOIST, 2009

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Motor City Mad Man Strikes Again!

Ted Nugent: It Is Us

We're the ones who allowed anti-Americans to take over America

Barack Hussein Obama did not sneak into power. An army of clueless, disconnected, ignorant Americans invited him to bring his Marxist, glaringly anti-American jihad into our lives. This president's overtly destructive, clear-and-present-danger agenda is surpassed in transparency only by his ultra-leftist public voting record and overall lifetime conduct of consorting with the enemy as a child and student of Marxism, socialist and racist community organizer, congregant of the blatant America-hating black-theology- and social-justice-spewing Rev. Jeremiah Wright and close personal friend of convicted communist terrorists like Bill Ayers, and by his unflinching appointment of an array of communist czars, including Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, Anita Dunne, et al.

So let me get this straight: You claim your intentions were noble because you simply wanted to get your child a puppy but somehow didn't notice that it was foaming at the mouth, and now you're shocked that your child has rabies? I think not. That is not a mistake. It is negligence -- dangerous, life threatening and, I am convinced, downright criminal negligence.

And the price for such negligence is catastrophic, don't you know...

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**Allow me to make a reading suggestion. "Ted, White, and Blue" is in the bookstores now. Ted Nugent has become an intellectual and patriotic force to be reckoned with.