Friday, December 18, 2009

Let Me See If I Got This Right...

News from the climate change conference in SNOWpenhagen, Denmark:

The Democrats want to CUT almost $500 BILLION from Medicare to make their health care takeover bill viable with the CBO--whose trillion dollar estimates are an abject JOKE!


The Democrats also want to---
SEND $10 BILLION dollars annually over the next ten years to the world's "developing countries" (read: communist dictators and thugs) to address the global warming hoax. John Mugabe, Fidel Castro, the pot bellied pig in North Korea, Hugo Chavez, and the communist murderers in Burma ought to act responsibly with the money we borrow from China to give them. Right?

Lesson? Murderous third world tyrants are more important than our parents and grandparents. Way to go Barack Obama, Hillary, Nancy Piglosi, and Harry Reid!


  1. I believe the actual number is 10 billion a year. But what's several billion here and there right?

    Actually you you make a good closing point, to which I would add only "and more important than our children and grandchildren, who are the ones that will be stuck holding the enormous debt."

  2. Thanks Rational Nation! I don't know what they wrote, but I DID hear Hillary two days ago and it made me furious.

  3. Never trust a Democrat to balance the nation's checkbook.