Thursday, December 24, 2009

Democrat Fascism On Parade

On a day which should bring such joy to believers and unbelievers alike, the Democrat looters in the Senate are voting as I write to severely and unconstitutionally alter the relationship of Americans to our government. This disaster of a fascist health care takeover bill belongs solely to the Democrat looters and their minions and enablers who run interference for them in the public domain! Now that you know the true nature of these thoroughly corrupt and verminous politicians wearing a "D" on their lapels, what will you do come 2010? Final tally, 60-39, all Democrats, Senator Bunning (R) absent.

The Republicans have been outstanding once again in their opposition to this government tyranny. We will need their leadership in the coming years to untangle the fascist web of tyranny woven by this health care takeover bill. Here's an interesting link--John Galt speaks:


  1. Merry Christmas! The time is soon coming when we'll all return the coal in the stocking in spades.

  2. Thank you Farmer and Merry Christmas to you sir!!!

  3. Thanks for coming by, Jingo...miss you, and hope you and the family are doing great.
    As for the Democrats? VOTE THE BUMS OUT! If only it were tomorrow and we could take our country back before they screw it up TOO big time.
    xxx z

  4. We need to get that muzzie traitor out of the white house to put an end to this communism.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Republicans have been certainly less than outstanding in almost everything they have done, or not done, for the past 9 years.

    Fascism is defined loosely as a system of government that allows for private ownership of property and business that is highly regulated by the state.

    Democrats don't have a wrap on this, Republicans do as well. It's why I left the party years ago and became a true independent conservative not beholden to ethically bankrupt politicians.

  6. Zabelle how are you?!! It's so nice to see you here at my rant board! I hope you're doing well.

    Average Joe we are in HEEEEEP big trouble with this radical in the White House. We need to organize and activate before the next election, asap. Thanks for stopping by.

    Rational Nation, no conservative that I know of was harder on the R's during the Bush years than I was. That's why I feel pretty confident singing their praises right now. They're doing the RIGHT thing in their opposition to this FASCIST health care takeover, so they deserve praise. It's rather "odd" to make the argument that since the Republicans have been less than steller, they deserve to be lumped in wih the stinking Dems. That ignores all sense of proportion, doesn't it?

  7. hey Jingoist! HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIEND!..I went dancing.woohoo!:)