Sunday, September 27, 2009

Are YOU A Racist? The New Democrat Tactic.

If you're opposed to the government takeover of health care, you're a RACIST! Didn't you know that?

This is a coordinated attack from the Democrats. First we had the half-a-happy meal, Jew-hating idiot Jimmy Carter calling Republicans "racists" for opposing ObamaCare. Then Monica's boyfriend (Wilhelm the Zipper Clinton) took time off from his Harlem casting couch to label us as "racists" for opposing the plans of the first "African-American President." Actually I think his words were something like "You cain't deny (deenaah), that's there's a racial component..." Whatever! Get back to the Apollo dancers you damn fool. Last but not least, Walter Mondale came out just a few days ago and said the same thing.

Obama tried to give himself some distance from this tactic of calling opponents "RACIST" by saying that he was 'black before the election', but as usual, he's full of it. When three failed party hacks who command as much press attention as Carter, Clintoon, and Mondale all make the same idiotic charge in short order. we have a TACTIC! Do you think a tactic of this import came from anywhere other than the Obama war room? The least they did was approve of it. I think the Obama team is behind this tactic of calling opponents "racist."

The Democrats and the political left have always played the race card because it shames guilty whites (Asians too) into silence by making them aware of past racial sins...which they didn't commit! White guilt played a HUGE role in getting an unqualified first term Senator/A.C.O.R.N. activist elected to the world's most important job--President of the United States.

I've been called a "racist" by leftists in the blogosphere more than once for bringing attention to the incredible corruption in the Obama Adminstration, and for highlighting Obama's A.C.O.R.N. ties.

These dirtbags on the left are engaged in an all-out effort to destroy our way of life and replace it with "change we can believe in." It's a vile and repugnant authoritarian mess which obliterates the Founding vision of Jefferson, Adams, Madison, and Washington. Don't let them get away with it--and silence your voice--by labeling you with the unfounded charge of "racist."

Fight back!


  1. Mondale is a prominent leader? I forgot he existed after Ferrarro.

  2. Prominent? No. But he's a name that still commands press attention for sure. That's why they used him. You gotta remember that when it comes to "message" these leftists don't take a crap without coordinating. Have you ever listened to Rush's Monday soundbites of the leftist media? It's hilarious because they all use the EXACT same talking points.

  3. Be back around 5pm after the game.

  4. When there is nothing left to defend your beliefs, this is what you are left with.

  5. Yes indeed Chuck. The charge of "racism" is one of the last refuges for scoundrels.

  6. Nice job usual YOU'RE SPOT ON.

  7. Thanks Impertinent. Is this my buddy Impster from FPM? If so I sure do like the ears! LOL!