Sunday, July 5, 2009

March For Liberty, Washington DC.

The last time I visited our nation's capitol, I didn't feel like a besieged minority. George Herbert Walker Bush--American hero--was the new President and the great Ronald Reagan's governing apparatus was still in place. Yes, government was already far too large and intrusive, but Americans knew they had an administration with good intentions where their freedoms were concerned.

Lord help us, how times have changed. We are under siege!

Yesterday Nanette and I joined 6-9 thousand of our fellow patriots and gathered at the Capitol Lawn to vent our anger at an out-of-control government. CNN estimated the crowd at 2000, but we know how they lie. There were hundreds of yellow Gadsden flags ("Don't Tread On Me") flying everywhere and cleverly worded signs from every corner of this great republic. They even captured yours truly wearing a white t-shirt, holding a sign and watching the nutty Paulistas yell at CNN's reporters. A few of them were truly frightened as the Paulistas screamed "state run media!" and surrounded them. This is me holding the left side of a banner and staring to my left:

Twenty minutes later I gathered some guys and we helped the CNN people get safely out of the screaming lunatics. Thanks Paulistas for the "9-11 Was An Inside Job" signs! These lunatics didn't help our cause in the least. The overwhelming majority of the crowd were regular people from ALL walks of life who felt that something was wrong in Washington, and they're RIGHT!

Here are some of my favorite signs from the protest:


Proud to be on THIS government's watchlist!

Freedom YES! Socialism NO!

Only Dead Fish Follow the Flow. Wake up America!

I'll follow later today with more thoughts from our trip to DC. Thanks!


  1. is that you behind the guy in black? Seems like you're looking straight ahead, but you know how you were standing, not me!!

    Well, those Paulistas (i imagine you mean Ron Paul followers, I'd not heard that term) and the 9/11 sign are a complete negation of the whole day, aren't they, as far as the media goes....NO group needs those types there because the media LOVES it and runs with it. This is what I fear the most for any righteous group trying to do something good. The leftist media will look at the few nuts and extrapolate.
    Too bad they don't do that with the real perps of 9/11, huh? if you get my drift.
    Am looking forward to more of your report. Thanks for this, Jingo! Sorry you helped the CNN people, but... (just kidding..sort of!)
    Dallas TX is reporting they had about 35000 at their Tea Party yesterday....
    The news always underestimates...they did all over LA, too.
    The media will be harder to fight and fix even than this administration.

  2. Maybe I missed the coverage, but I didn't see a thing about this on the local news.

    No surprise there, of course.

    Glad to know that so many braved the July 4th crush of crowds heading downtown for the fireworks.

  3. the paulistas, as you call them, do damage the cause - but it's not all of the paulistas. unfortunately that's what most people will take away from it.

    we are, indeed, under siege.

  4. Jingo:

    Likewise, missed the buzz about this in DC -- purposely by the DEM/MSM, no doubt. And just the mere presence of the wack-job Paulinista Truthers negates damned near all the good done there. How sad.


  5. Hi, Good for you. So glad to hear you could go.
    How do you know they were Paulistas? Because they said so? I hadn't known they were that far "out there".

    They could have been "plants" for all anyone knows. We have to expect this sort of thing and keep on keepin' on!

    The tea party movement will grow I suspect, and hope. It's probably going to get more dicey at times, with the left hovering as they do.

    I say, onward and upward! Thanks to you and all the others who have awakened! God bless America.


  6. That was me behind the guy in black, my directional mistake this morning Z. Me and some other guys weren't going to let the foaming at the mouth weirdos attack the CNN news crew. Okay I'll admit to mixed emotions :-), but that would have been an inexcusable breach of etiquette since 3 of the 7 CNN people were women. The bad behavors were definitely Ron Paul followers and even then it was only a handful of them. They DO have some valid points and tend to be libertarians.

    BUT they go far off the reservation on a few issues and give all of us a bad name. The "truthers" are all over that movement. Oy!
    Good for Dallas TX! Did you actually intend to write 35,000?

    AOW the crowds made the National Archives impossible. We wanted to view the Declaration, but NO CHANCE!

    Heidianne you're right. Even though I'm only 2/3 in agreement with the Paulistas, they WERE mostly well-behaved, and we bought a copy of the Constitution from them. There were maybe 20-25 who almost got their maggot-infested asses whipped yesterday. It would have been my pleasure too. :-) There were more than a few of us who were mad at the black eye they gave the rally.

    BZ you should have seen the truthers. Nose rigs, cheek piercings, tats everywhere. Most of us just buy clothes. lol!

    Pris, it was a WONDERFUL experience to be in the presence of 5-7 thousand other great patriots and their kids. It's such an uplifting and moving thing.

    The 9-12 Project is the next major march on DC, and we're going to look hard into coming up for that.

  7. I just found the CNN coverage of the event, and THANKFULLY they omitted the freaks with the "9-11 was an inside job" signs. They even show me and my beautiful wife 56 seconds into the clip! We're in the background during an interview. I'm wearing my FairTax shirt and Nanette is right next to me, on MY right, and the left as you're viewing.

    CNN was FAIR in the coverage, can you believe it!?

  8. Hi Morgan, it was good talking to you on the phone. Despite the current trash in The White House and Congress, our nations capitol is quite a beautiful place. As I told you, Anne and I were there last May. The WW2 memorial just floored me, it was very emotional. Kudos for being a gentleman and rescuing the CNN folks. Thanks to the tin-foilhat Paulistas CNN is likely going to make hay out of this by painting all of us as raving loons. I'm going to being looking at your video in just a minute. Give me a call when you can. Hope you knee is feeling better. J'Mac.

  9. Hey Johnny!! The WW2 memorial was very moving. It was the best of the bunch in my opinion. Nanette and i got very emotional at the Vietnam Wall because of ALL THE NAMES! Thank G-d they didn't do that for the WW2 casualties...The Korean war memorial was shoddily done in my opinion. The statues of the guys looked freakish and they looked to be wandering. It wasn't at all a fitting tribute to men who fought and died in a BRUTAL WAR. My father and one uncle were in that one, so i'm not at all happy with it.
    It was good to hear from you!!

  10. Obscene
    America..thats priceless!

  11. Angel that was my favorite too!

  12. I agree with Woman... Priceless.

    Keep blogging!

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