Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Crunch Time For Defeating Socialized Medicine

The Socialized medicine plan being pushed by the Democrats will DESTROY our health care delivery system. Are there any intelligent people here who think we can do this better than Canada or Great Britain? Those systems are crashing FAILURES!

Why would anyone think that the same bunch of THIEVES who've bankrupted Social Security and Medicare will treat an even bigger program with more responsibility?

**Sign these petitions, contact your congressman, and help reform our system in CONSTRUCTIVE ways. It's now or never!

Hands Off My Health Care!

Lobbyists, unions, and politicians in Washington are trying to seize control of our health care. Patients like us have been left out. We can’t sit by and let this happen, or else we lose:

--Our choice of doctors
--All control of our health insurance options
--Timely access to quality health care
--Money by paying for a government takeover


  1.'s SO MUCH MORE TERRIBLE than Americans's DEATH to our country and to anyone over 70 because Obama doesn't want "someone sticking him with needles and running too many tests" GIVE US THE CHOICE ABOUT OUR LIVES, OBAMA, YOU ARE NOT HITLER, YOU ARE NOT POL POT, YOU ARE NOT KIM JUNG IL.. get used it, you (*#&$($#@$&*(#@ YOU HAVE TO STOP WITH THE UBER CONTROL......fascists do that~!

  2. We can defeat ObamaCare! Keep up the good work.

  3. Z, I like your attitude! This is important enough that we ALL have to spread the word and put the pressure on.

    RK, is this our yeswecan moment? LOL!

    Did you two sign those petitions?

  4. Stop Socialized Medicine, NOW!

  5. I bitch a lot about the outrageous health-insurance premium for this household. I rather imagine that this somewhat-low-income household will be one of the subsidized under ObamaKare.

    Nevertheless, I see that ObamaKare, if passed by this Congress, will ruin the actual health care I can get. If I get cut off from the prescription that keeps me out of a wheelchair, I'll have to go on Social Security Disability. And that will cost the taxpayers a bundle!

    As I see it, BHO's primary goal is to ruin our economy. I find myself in a state of the blues these days.

  6. News update!

    BHO may be backing off his ultimatum to Congress with regard to ObamaKare being passed before the August recess.

    Congress, generally a worm where BHO is concered, seems to be turning.

  7. AOW, Nanette and I gripe about the cost of our care too! Even our co-pays require many payments. The total bill bears NO resemblance to what people can afford. I recently had kneee surgery for a torn meniscus and mcl. From injury to surgery was an 18 day cycle.

    We have the BEST medical care in the world, and it's also the easiest to get, BUT it's also the world's most expensive (I'm reasonably sure of that).

    My next health care post here at FP will address the one REAL problem we have in American health care...COST!

    I totally agree that Obie's goal is economic damage.

  8. Let's hope so RK. I used info from that post of your all over the net last night. That was a good one! I keep hearing that the "blue dogs" are rebelling against Obamacare. I HOPE that's right...

  9. YES! We've got to keep up the fight.

  10. And of course, it is not just Obama himself that frightens any true liberty-loving American that has taken a close look at what he says and believes. The worshiping throngs of anti-American Leftists, Anarchists, Jihadists, Academia, the Mainstream media, the college youth, have set Obama on the Ass and are parading him around the Shining City on a Hill, waving palm fronds in absolute hysterical worship of a Man that preaches God and Morality demand Socialism and that feeding the poor and housing the homeless require retribution against “middleclassness” and Whites.

  11. Good points MySO. By the way, your name is appropriate (chuckle).

  12. hello my friend!..I just dropped in here this morn to check if u have a new post..HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND HUN!:)

  13. Yup, the fight is on, and we're fighting for our Republic. History will record this battle and the victors will get to write that history.