Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Need Sign/Placard Suggestions!

Nanette and I are going to Washington D.C. tomorrow to march in the 4th of July tea party in our nation's capitol. We're going to send a loud and clear message to the cleptocrats that we are fed up with the HORRENDOUS abuses of power taking place in the Congress and the White House.

Here's where I could use the help of all you clever conservatives. We'll be carrying signs approximately 20x30 inches. We need good messages, that are between 2 and 18 words long for the purpose of clarity. We'll carry one each, and give the other good ideas to other marchers.

Thanks in advance for all your help, and get out there and PROTEST our abusive and out-of-control government on July 4th!!!!


  1. how's about something subtle like THROW THE BUMS OUT!? oh, well.

    REMEMBER THE CONSTITUTION? Ya, I"m not good at this.
    GOOD FOR YOU FOR GOING...yell LOUDLY!! Happy Fourth, Morgan and Nanette! xx

  2. Z, I like the 2nd one!

    That'll piss of the lefties. :-)
    You have a happy 4th too Z.

  3. Okay we're in a hotel on the Potomac overlooking Reagan Airport with a close-up view of the Pentagon. You Californians may not appreciate this much as I do, but the weather is BEAUTIFUL! It's 70 and breezy, and the sun's out. At home in Jacksonville it's 94 and HUMID! So I've contacted some of the others in the march and it loks like there will be over 5-8 thousand showing up. With good weather we could get twice that many. I'm PUMPED!

  4. Thank Barney Frank and Chris Dodd for this Recession!

    Stop Flushing our Money, Congress!

    Fix Healthcare? Like you Fixed the Economy?

    No More Government Solutions for Government Made Problems!

    Get off my back, Congress. I'm sick of carrying you!

  5. Great minds think alike Farmer! I saw signs JUST LIKE those yesterday. :-)