Monday, June 8, 2009

Slouching Toward Utopia, by Deborah On the Bayside

Intended Consequences of the Pay Czar

Your humble laureate is well schooled in history and economy. So buckle up and hold on tight - here comes another tsunami.

O ye doyens of industry
O'er your heart put a patrol.
For you might rein in the Beltway
When you practice self control.

And when Leviathan's levellers come knocking
You'd better be clean and walk it!
Or you'll rue the day that Barry's fingers
Came sidling in your pocket.

You greedy people always talk
About keeping all your money.
But I've a higher and better plan,
So fork it over, honey.

So what, if you the jobs shall make
For all the Forgotten Men.
It's unfair. Your getting all the bucks
Embitters me no end.

What matters if the little guy
Gets naught or's made a bigger debtor?
When I take down the rich a notch,
Then I feel better.

Well new pardners, of you now
I've got a piece. But hey
The market's just a great excuse
To do what I wanted anyway.

It's not only just the dough that enrages me to myopia.
It's that sweet, sweet, sweet control. Yes! I'll usher in utopia.

...with homage to Amity Shlaes whose beautiful Forgotten Man shines a light on the treacherous path we're on.


  1. I'm was loathe to characterize Obama's treachery as 'poetry' til now.

  2. Thanks Farmer! Deborah has a few fans at this point. I admire talent.

  3. keep spreadin the word Jingoist..we wont submit!

  4. Deborah on the BaysideJune 9, 2009 at 9:22 PM

    Thanks for the kind comments. But it may be an acquired taste - glad you enjoy!

  5. Keep the good ones coming Deborah!