Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Here's Hope and Change That I Can Embrace!

After draining the cesspool of Democrat corruption and filth in Washington DC, the American people will have three more tasks that are crucial to saving our country:

1. Dismantle Obama's fascist machine. Everything the Dem fascists have enacted MUST be repealed.

2. Ground the 3rd rail of national politics. Eliminate or drastically alter $ocial $ecurity. Ponzi Schemes shouldn't survive and thrive on money stolen from those under 55 years old. I'm not holding my breath here because I've RARELY seen a politician with enough political courage to take on this national Ponzi scheme.


3. Dismantle all public sector unions. They are utterly destroying the solvency of states and municipalities all across America, and they have NO RIGHT to organize against the taxpayer!

America will be hard-pressed to survive the economic IDIOCY of the Obama Administration...JINGOIST, 2009


  1. It is obvious that 0bama being put into the White House is America's biggest mistake in history

  2. That could be Pragmatist. After we defang him, I hope we remember to remove that tumor in 2012.

  3. the three you listed would be my list a well!!
    and-SS has always been the lead pozi scheme---

    BTW -our three 'pedalers' for the Wounded Warrior Project arrived safely in CA and are now proceeding w/their individal goals--thank you for helping with their charitable cause..

    Have a great week!!

  4. Carol it's good to see you and G-d bless and keep those brave warriors!

  5. In a twist on the shot always taken against Sarah Palin.."I can see November from my house."

  6. Jingo....LOVE that "twist"! You're the best!
    I'm going to have to take sleeping pills the night of Nov 2, I don't have more than 10 fingernails to chew down to the quick! :-)

  7. Z I wish that I could take credit for it. I read it somewhere and got a good laugh.
    About the elections in November, I plan on taking 4 or 5 days off and blogging, making phone calls, and sign waving in favor of Marco Rubio and Rick Scott.

    That's something you could do in CA to help a GOP Senatorial candidate? As a SMART blogger you're one of Freedom's greatest assets!