Friday, January 15, 2010

Hey Barack, How About "Equal Protection Under the Law"?

President Obama has decided to EXEMPT his union buddies from the tax on all "Cadillac Health Insurance Plans."

Is there ANY sort of corruption that is beyond their grasp? Is there anything these kleptocrats (Dems) won't do to further their power? Goodbye Representative Republic (or representative democracy if you prefer) and hello banana republic! I guess some pigs are just more equal than others?

We have three more years to suffer this 3rd world dictator wannabe. G-d help us!

Unions will dodge O's health tax


Last Updated: 7:12 AM, January 15, 2010

Posted: 2:49 AM, January 15, 2010

Big Labor got some big love from President Obama and congressional Democrats yesterday after they agreed to exempt union workers from the whopping “Cadillac tax” on high-cost health-care plans until 2018.

The sweetheart deal, hammered out behind closed doors, will save union employees at least $60 billion over the years involved, while others won't be as lucky -- they'll have to cough up almost $90 billion.

The 40 percent excise tax on what have come to be called "Cadillac" health-care plans would exempt collective-bargaining contracts covering government employees and other union members until Jan. 1, 2018

In another major concession to labor, the value of dental and vision plans would be exempt from the tax even after the deal expires in eight years, negotiators said.


  1. My first time here - via Z- sorry about your loss of your friend -Mike-
    I would like to link his answer to the atheist with your permission...

  2. By all means Christian. Link away! And thanks buddy.

  3. BHO exempts all his buddies from the socialistic programs he's trying to force down our throats. He's creating an oligarchy!

    I don't think that the United States has ever had such a corrupt administration!

  4. America's government has come down to looting the rich and grabbing all you can for the Union. Ain't democracy grand?

  5. Man, this isn't my day! I can't even comment at my place right won't publish!
    I'll try again.... imagine AMERICA where this union deal's been worked out and the media isn't ALL OVER IT as ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL as it is?
    Welcome to a dictatorship of the left.

  6. AOW you could certainly describe it that way. It's not something that belongs in America, is it? FJ was right to call it looting.

    Z, do you think the media will ever come around?