Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Real Lesson of Election Night 2012.

Here's an honest lesson for the Republican Party that MUST be learned going forward. This was easily the most winnable general election of the last 50 years, and Romney and the GOP establishment LOST it! And the lesson, in a nutshell...

**GOP moderates (RINOs) lose general elections to leftists!**

Barack Obama has been worse than incompetent, he's been an unmitigated national disaster, and was a sitting duck as incumbent presidents go.

Mitt Romney got 3 MILLION fewer votes than the pathetic John McCain got in 2008, and 7 MILLION fewer than George W. Bush received in the 2004 election!! Allow those numbers to sink in...

Republican, conservative, and libertarian voters DON'T need a ride to the polls on election day. They DON'T need a great campaign organization like Obama's. They DON'T need handy, multi-colored voter guides, or party goodies to make it out to vote.

Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians need to be INSPIRED!!

Our votes cannot be bought, they need to be EARNED! Moderate RINOs inspire NO one, and the vote totals illustrate that lesson loud and clear. If Romney had only matched McCain's numbers, he would have taken the popular vote, and maybe even the electoral college?

For those of you focusing on demographics and seeking solace in the liberal media "race narrative", you're missing the red conservative elephant in the room.


  1. I don't know, Jingo (nice of you to come by, by the way...miss you!)...I think we need inspiration and we need sanity. All those Republicans who didn't vote, or decided Mormons were too weird, or libertarian is the only way, lost our country for us.
    Odd that TV news people now say "Conservatives AND Republicans"..that sums it up, doesn't it. Democrats are DEMOCRATS and they vote as a bloc. Not, we seem to like losing :-(

  2. Z, thanks for stopping by! I haven't posted in awhile. In my thinking Natural Law and sanity are the same thing. As for the fringers...well, who can control that? The one or two severe kooks ("legitimate rape") are hardly worse than the outright communists offered up by the Dems.

    We need to stand fo something OTHER than attracting the moderates, or we'll lose every time.