Friday, October 15, 2010

Democrat Motto: "Moving America Forward." Towards WHAT?!!

Across the blogosphere, and in the hallowed halls of the far left, I hear Democrats and the media left bemoaning the impending loss of societal and legislative "progress" if the Republicans win big in the upcoming midterm elections. At POLITICO they claim that the Democrat motto is "Moving America Forward."

"Forward" towards WHAT?! America has noticed that the Democrats are moving us towards staggering debt and generational theft.....

--forward to....A new "normal" for the economy that includes unemployment at 10% (actually 17%) and record numbers of Americans on WELFARE, FOOD STAMPS, and other government programs.

--forward to....Federal government control of two of America's big three auto makers (GM and Chrysler) in a move that reeked of economic fascism.

--forward to....A "Stimulus Bill" that only "stimulated" the Democrat Party, and put Americans over a TRILLION dollars (after interest and lost productivity) deeper into debt. Obama admitted a few days ago that "there's no such thing as shovel-ready projects" after pushing the lie for months.

--forward to....Banning all exploratory drilling in American waters while FUNDING Mexican drilling in those same waters and Brazillian deep water drilling with AMERICAN tax dollars!! This cost tens of thousands of American jobs. Two days ago they lifted the ban for political reasons...try getting a PERMIT to drill. LOL! See ya four years from now. :-)

--forward to....Consolidating power in the hands of radical left-wing, unaccountable "Czars" who don't answer to the American people or their representatives in Congress. Obie isn't the first president to have czars, he's just the WORST abuser of that privilege by far!

--forward to....Passing a health care takeover bill (ObamaCare) against the express will of the American people by blatantly and corruptly PURCHASING the votes of hesitant Senators and Representatives.

--forward to....Attempting to pass the Cap and Tax bill which amounts to an HUGE tax hike on an already beleaguered population, with more than 25% either unemployed or underemployed. The federal government wants MORE of your money at a time when you can LEAST afford it.

--forward to....Adjourning Congress to go campaign for re election while PROHIBITING an up or down vote to extend the Bush era tax cuts. THEY HAVE RAISED YOUR TAXES ENORMOUSLY BY THEIR INACTION!!

--forward to....Working to pass "Card Check" legislation that ELIMINATES the secret ballot in union elections. Let's just call it what it is--"Unionization by Intimidation." The President and his union cronies don't care for the secret ballot. And they call themselves "Democrats." We know them as thugs.

--forward to....A "Justice Department" that blatantly ignored voter intimidation against white voters in Philadelphia because the thugs doing the intimidating were members of the "New Black Panthers." They used the Federal government to discriminate against white voters. That's "hope and change" the Dems can believe in, the rest of us can &*%$ off!

--forward to....An administration that cozies up to international pariahs and thugs while snubbing our true allies. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi view Fox News, the Tea Party and talk radio as a bigger threat to America than a nuclear armed Iran. An Iran that we COULD have helped to "fundamentally change" just one year ago. Our inaction spelled the doom of Iranian freedom fighters struggling to overthrow the evil ayatollahs.

If these are sterling examples of "moving forward" and being "progressive", I'll proudly be "regressive for human freedom" any day.

The list of SERIOUS Democrat offenses against the American Constitutional way of life has been long and severe. Their trespasses against the Constitution and our basic liberties threaten our republican, freedom-based way of life in ways we've yet to realize. If you fail to vote to eliminate this existential threat to our way of life YOU will be no better than Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi.

Stick up for America, vote the scoundrels out !!



  1. "Moving forward" has been the battle cry of the left for over a century.

  2. forward to them actually entails bringing the US down to the 'swarmy' level of the rest of the debauched world !!

  3. That's a fact AOW, but "forward" to tyranny won't cut it for me.

    Carol have you seen what's happening in France. That's the result of socialist debauchery.