Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bob Bennett's Defeat in Utah and the Conservative Counter-Insurgency.

The news media is telling us that Utah Senator Bob Bennett was defeated by the Tea Party, a "radicalized conservative base", and an anti-incumbency fervor that is now sweeping the nation. Fox News went so far as to claim that Senator Bennett is a "staunch, principled conservative" whose defeat in the Utah primary promises doom for Republicans in the general election. As usual the media got it wrong.

Bob Bennett voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), believing the Democrat's promises that the loan repayments from banks and mortgage companies would be used to pay down the debt.

My teenage daughter knows better!

The Obama Administration, their unaccountable gang of "czars", and the Democrats have used the TARP funds to wage war against American free markets and exert a quasi-fascistic control over our financial system. They have used these funds to undermine our institutions and they now use repayment as an excuse to spend us into even deeper debt.

That's what Democrats do!

Admittedly, many Republicans voted for the TARP program, many out of fear alone. Why didn't Bob Bennett know better? He also voted for a bi-partisan health care reform bill that was only marginally better than ObamaCare. It was STILL a stinker!

--A principled conservative would have known better and fought for free market solutions only!
--A principled conservative would have understood that the true purpose of ObamaCare was the outright destruction of the free market health insurance industry, forcing Americans to run to government for their health care needs.
--A principled conservative would have understood that the end game of ObamaCare was to control people's votes by controlling their access to health care. And last but not least...

--A principled conservative would have made this case loud and clear to his constituents.

On some issues, Bob Bennett is a conservative who understands the Constitution. On a few of the most important issues he has failed to provide desperately needed conservative leadership. He chose to cooperate with tyranny (or at least turn a blind eye to it) and meet it halfway. Thankfully he's been shown the door.

The Democrat party has been taken over by left-wing radicals. Our nation is under sustained attack from those radicals, and that assault MUST be met head on by principled conservatives who hold to the Constitutional principles of limited government.
The counter-insurgency marches on.

Way to go Utah!!


  1. No such thing as a principled Republican

    The choice with a National Option would have controlled our "out of control" health costs. Yep, free market belongs to TV not in health care. A National plan would have established a price that was the max to pay...

    You live on the surface of facts... I feel sorry for him, because he was upset. And now you want another person, who will just dig in deeper without figuring out anything...labels, catch words. demonization of policies...we've seen it all before... and it's killing us. The out of control Health Care is a self funded government plan. No tax dollars...Please, help the nation by tring to dump the hysterical talk and come back down to earth.

  2. According to you anon, the "public option" would control costs?

    Oddly enough, you're right! AND it would also have the added side "benefit" of severely restricting the availabiltiy of health care.

    You leftists crack me up. You have these beliefs that you cling to ferociously, regardless of their real real world consequences for people in need. Your ideas do SO MUCH DAMAGE, yet you leftists never learn from your horrific mistakes.

    How do you think we're going to cover 35 million more people with FEWER doctors? Ooops! Didn't think of that, did you? Do you honestly believe that the government can provide health care more efficiently than the private sector? Really?

    How's Greece working out for you? LOL!

  3. What a great victory for conservatives and the tea party! Very encouraging.

  4. How's Greece working out for you? LOL! ..lmboo..good one Jingo!

  5. I agree RK. Now if we can keep the Tea partiers and Libertarians on board and voting for the Republican candidates, we'll get rid of the Marxists. That'll be up to the GOP. If the RINOS in charge prevail, the Dems will stay in power.

    Angel, I just HAD to use that line! It's been teed up for a while. :-)

  6. and now we have Mike Lee, who will win in November. A much better choice for Utah and the nation. He will refer to and stick to the Constitution on every issue! Kind of Refreshing, isn't it.
    Now, Utah boasts of 2 --Lee and Jason Chaffetz who has already proven himself!